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The Mărculești Free International Airport Special Status Area (MFIA)

Cadastral area
265.23 ha
Available area
265.23 ha

Base information


LocationLunga v.– to the south, Marculesti town – to the east, Gura Cainarului v., Prajila v.– to the west
Area265,2295 ha
Available area 
Legal statusPublic proprety
AddressLunga v., Floresti r.
Telephone+373 250 41108


Detail Information

General information

MFIA has an area of 265,2295 ha, including the runways area (205,59457 ha) and the development area (59,6395 ha).

Free Airport offers an excellent environment for investing and conducting business in close proximity to the European Union to domestic and foreign investors. The preferential economic conditions allow residents of the Marculesti International Airport Free Economic Zone to conduct activities without the application of the tariff and non-tariff customs restrictions. The residents of the Free International Airport have the right to conduct the following activities: providing ground handling services and air transport; wholesale trade, except for goods excluded from the civil circuit; industrial production of goods; processing agri-food production; sorting, packaging, marking and other similar operations with goods transited through the Free  Airport.


Destination (possible use):



  • Railway (240 m)
  • Electricity, water, gas, communications



1) 28 km away from Balti

2) 150 km away from Chisinau – the capital of the Republic of Moldova

3) 100 km away from the Romanian (EU) border, the Sculeni customs point

4) 45 km away from the border with Ukraine

5) 1 km away from the Marculesti railway junction

6) 1 km away from an oil base with the capacity of 14000 tons

7) 2 km away from cold storage facilities with a capacity of 1500 tons