Recipe Book. Recipes from the North


This cookbook is the result of a successful cooperation between North RDA from Moldova and Pro4CE from Slovakia, on behalf of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through the Slovak Challenge Fund with the project initiative “Digital development of organic agro-tourism in North Moldova”.

This project is supporting local entrepreneurs in order to digitally promote agro-tourism in northern Moldova, a destination with hidden treasures, to be explored. Through this publication, we invite you to join an unforgettable culinary discovery. This is a virtual journey into the world of tastes and culinary traditions with their roots in this lovely and undiscovered region of Moldova.

Through this bundle of recipes, we connect you to traditional village dishes which differ from one area to another. For North Moldova a typical delicacy is for example sugar beet pies, however, the greatest treasure from the North is Baba Neagră, a porous and fluffy, dark brown cake that is considered a must-have dessert at the festive table in the North Region of Moldova. We invite you to discover the villages of the North of Moldova with their stories, but also to enjoy cooking according to local dishes.

We are happy to bring the richness of culinary traditions and authentic experiences to the attention of a wider audience and opening doors to the discovery of this unique region.

We will be grateful if you will enjoy the natural beauties and attractions together with traditional dishes.

Looking forward to seeing you in the North Region of Moldova!